By: Sleepy | 09 20 2013 | 11:11 PM

There is no evolution in style without risk. If it wasn’t for someone taking a chance at looking goofy, we’d still be walking around in tri-corner hats. But there’s a fine line between style evolution, and a trend for trend’s sake. Here are four from this season that could very well qualify as the latter. Of course, just about anything can be pulled off by the right person.

#1. Furry or fuzzy Collars on Outerwear

fuzzy collars with topman

Claiborne Faux Fur Collar Peacoat – $79.99 Topman – $400.00

What level of pimposity does one need to naturally project in order to pull off a fuzzy or furry collar? The Claiborne is a pure embodiment of the Ron Johnson too-much-too-soon misstep that helped lead to his ouster. Stumbled across it in person the other day at a brick & mortar. There was a 70-something, weathered, farmer type digging around for a new winter jacket. We were in the same general vicinity and just having that jacket there made me want to apologize to him for our generation.


#2. Camouflage everything

camo time

Banana Republic Silk Tie – $69.50Macy’s M151 Jacket – $139.50Suitsupply Monk – $259

We in the rank and file don’t express our gratitude to those serving in the military nearly enough. Now we dopes in civilian life have to go and suck the life out of something as basic and utilitarian as camouflage? Was it because the military went digital? Do we blame Wooster?


#3. Mixed Media Garments

mixed media

Mixed Media Blazer – not yet released (drat) | Phillip Lim for Target Button Down – $29.99

Franken blazers. Shirts that look like they’ve gone through back alley sleeve transplants. Bonus points if you actually work another trend, like camo, into this one.


#4. Denim Blazers

denim blazers

Claiborne – $59.99 ($80), Lands’ End Canvas – $139.00

Most of us have been waiting all summer to get back to wearing jeans. So wearing another piece of denim up top is most likely a no-go. There’s the Canadian Tuxedo, so would jeans and a denim blazer equal the Canadian smart-casual? (With all apologies to the Canadian readership…) A lighterweight chambray might be one thing, but a thicker denim seems odd.


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